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Meet AregashAregash and Family

Hi, and welcome to Population Action International. I’m delighted that you’re visiting our website today and exploring the programs and work that PAI undertakes. I’d like to start with a story that I think gets at the heart of who we are and what we do.

It’s the story of a 32-year-old woman named Aregash who lives in Ethiopia. She’s the mother of six children. Her husband works far from home because the land that they own no longer produces enough to feed the family. Aregash spends her days farming, and walking miles to get water and firewood. And yet in her spare time, if you can believe she has any, she volunteers for a local family planning service provider. She believes so much in the power of family planning and reproductive health in her own life, that she spends her precious minutes sharing her knowledge with women in her community.

PAI tries to take Aregash’s story to decision makers — both here in Washington, DC, and around the world — through a combination of research and advocacy. We believe very strongly that family planning matters to other key development concerns like HIV/AIDS, climate change, and food security. And we try to spotlight local and national leaders so their truth, their reality on the ground, is what guides important policies and funding decisions by any donor, any government, anywhere.

So thank you for visiting PAI’s website today and I hope today is just the beginning of a long relationship that you will have with our institution.I urge you to take the story of family planning, the idea of women as true agents of change, with you and share it. It’s a powerful story to move forward and I thank you for that in advance.



Suzanne Ehlers
President and CEO
Population Action International

Suzanne Ehlers

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