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Gag Me: From Texas to Tanzania, U.S. Politicians are Meddling in Women’s Health

This post was originally published on RH Reality Check. Today, Texas Governor Rick Perry signed a sweeping anti-choice bill that threatens to shutter 90 percent of abortion clinics in the state. The bill, in addition to banning abortion after 20 … Continue reading »

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PAI Salutes Sharon Camp, Pioneering Advocate for Family Planning

Sharon Camp, a longtime family planning advocate who led the Guttmacher Institute for the last decade, and also previously worked at PAI, stepped down this week. We salute her extraordinary career and wish her the best. Read our statement below, … Continue reading »

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A Long Engagement: Why Sustained Investments in Advocacy Matter for Social Change

This post was originally published on Humanitas Global Development. Today is World Population Day, and this year’s focus is appropriately on youth and adolescent pregnancy. There are more than 1.2 billion young people in the world, and 87 percent live … Continue reading »

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Why We Need a Global Approach to Combat Climate Change

Last Tuesday, President Barack Obama laid out his administration’s long-awaited plan to escalate domestic and international efforts to address climate change. It highlighted the need to cut carbon pollution, prepare the United States to adapt to existing impacts of climate … Continue reading »

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Being a Girl in Tanzania

Today, Michelle Obama joins other First Ladies in Tanzania for a summit focusing on women’s education, health and economic empowerment. It’s a gathering of powerful women in a place where too many young women still lack the power to determine the course … Continue reading »

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It’s YOUR Money: Do You Know Where It’s Going?

Public officials are important custodians of public money, but the money is not theirs. Your government’s budget actually belongs to you, as a citizen and a taxpayer.  So how does your government manage “your” money, and how can you make … Continue reading »

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Syria’s Expectant Mothers Face Dual Perils of Bombs and Birth

Imagine what it would be like to live in a city under siege. Now imagine that you are just weeks, or even days, away from giving birth. Do you remain where you are, knowing that when the time comes you … Continue reading »

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A Woman’s Worth

This post was originally published on Impatient Optimists. A walk to her local clinic may take several hours. She may have to wait in line. She may have to go back several times before she can get the method she … Continue reading »

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New Funding Numbers for International Reproductive Health? Not Really.

The publication of a new Lancet study, which reports $5 billion less in funding for reproductive health than commonly accepted, has raised questions among family planning advocates. With more than 222 million women in the developing world with unmet need … Continue reading »

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Setting the Agenda: Why Women are Key to Post-2015 Development

“This will not work,” Latha responded, much to our surprise. “They will know,” she explained, “and they will demand them. They will beat us if we resist. We can hide our rupees throughout the house, or in the folds of … Continue reading »

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