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Pakistan’s Daunting–and Deteriorating–Demographic Challenge

First published in The New Security Beat Every day it seems the headlines bring new worries about the future of Pakistan. But among the many challenges confronting the nation–including a growing Taliban insurgency–one significant problem remains largely undiscussed: its rapidly … Continue reading »

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Want to Fight Hunger? Empower Women and Prioritize Family Planning

Originally published in The Huffington Post Have you seen the ads? They seem to be everywhere — from the Washington Metro system’s billboards, to the New Yorker and Roll Call. “9 billion people to feed. A changing climate. NOW WHAT?” … Continue reading »

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At Long Last: Prominent Attention to Population

In recent months, a growing chorus of prominent individuals has been sounding the alarm about an issue that has suffered from bewildering inattention in recent years: the negative impact of rapid global population growth on the health and well-being of … Continue reading »

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Success South of the Border: Family Planning in Mexico

Last week I had the good fortune of being in Mexico for a PAI study tour of the country’s family planning and reproductive health (FP/RH) programs. Thanks in part to twenty years of U.S. FP/RH assistance (from the mid-1970s to … Continue reading »

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Family Planning in the Philippines: A Global Wake-Up Call for Policymakers

“Birthrates Help Keep Filipinos in Poverty” – that’s the headline of an April 21, 2008 Washington Post article highlighting the plight of a growing number of poor women in the Philippines who lack access to one of the most basic … Continue reading »

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