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Family Planning
Around the world, 222 million women want to prevent pregnancy but need contraception. For every dollar we invest in meeting this unmet need, we save $4 in education, immunization, and water and sanitation.
Womenomics: How Birth Control is Good for the Economy
Dollars and Sense: The Case for Contraception
Empty Handed: Responding to the Demand for Contraceptives

Unsafe Abortion
Half of all abortions are unsafe, and the overwhelming majority of unsafe abortions occur in the developing world.
Unsafe Abortion: Facts and Figures

Global Gag Rule
The Gag Rule was first imposed by the Reagan administration in 1984. It was rescinded in 1993 by President Clinton, reinstated in 2001 by President George W. Bush, and once again rescinded by President Obama in 2009. It’s time to repeal the Gag Rule permanently.
Global Gag Rule Media Kit
30 Years is Enough (six minute documentary about the Global Gag Rule) 
Eight Facts and Lies about the Global Gag Rule

Climate Change
The effects of climate change disproportionately affect women.
Mapping Climate Change Hot Spots
IPCC Report Recognizes Family Planning Among Social Dimensions of Climate Change Adaptation
Weathering Change: Hear the stories of four women as they struggle to care for their families, while enduring crop failures and water scarcity.

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Being a girl in Tanzania