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Climate Change, Migration and Population Growth

Drought, floods, severe weather and other effects of climate change have begun to threaten communities in many parts of the world. These impacts will worsen in the future, contributing to growing human migration as vulnerable people seek safer, more stable … Continue reading »

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How the Global Gag Rule Undermines U.S. Foreign Policy and Harms Women’s Health

Family planning opponents in the U.S. Congress and White House have long sought to place burdensome restrictions on U.S. family planning and reproductive health assistance. One such restriction is the Mexico City Policy, known to its opponents as the Global … Continue reading »

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Maternal Health Supplies in Uganda and Bangladesh

For women living in many developing countries, having a child can be dangerous. Lack of financing, poor infrastructure, and broken supply chains mean that women are often unable to get basic supplies that ensure a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery—despite … Continue reading »

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Population and Climate Change Data Sheet

This global data sheet provides data on 15 key national-level population and climate change indicators for all countries of the world. It contains data tables, narrative text, and images explaining critical population-climate change relationships.  By highlighting select demographic, health, socioeconomic, … Continue reading »

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The Shape of Things to Come: The Effects of Age Structure on Development

Update of The Shape of Things to Come (2007): The Shape of Things to Come – Why Age Structure Matters To A Safer, More Equitable World Today, the world has the largest generation of young people in history, with 3.6 billion … Continue reading »

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Meeting the Development and Health Needs of 215 Million Women: U.S. International Family Planning Goals

U.S. international family planning assistance is one of the great success stories in the history of U.S. development assistance. In 2007, 56.5 million women in the developing world were using modern contraception as a direct result of U.S. support.2 Many … Continue reading »

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Funding Common Ground Report Summary

Suzanna Dennis and Clive Mutunga 2010 is a pivotal time to build financial support for international reproductive health, including family planning and maternal health. Despite a global financial crisis, donors are mobilizing around the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), especially around … Continue reading »

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Why Family Planning and Reproductive Health are Critical to the Well-Being of Youth

An unprecedented number of young people are entering their reproductive years, most of whom live in the developing world. U.S. policy makers should assist in effort to ensure that youth worldwide are able to make informed decisions about their sexuality … Continue reading »

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Climate Change Adaptation: Ethiopia Country Study

As global climate change unfolds, its effects are being felt disproportionately in the world’s poorest countries and among the groups of people least able to cope. Many of the countries hardest hit by the effects of climate change also face … Continue reading »

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The Importance of Population for Climate Change Challenges and Solutions

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity in the 21st century. It has been historically driven by an atmospheric build-up of greenhouse gases (GHGs) generated mostly by the industrialized world. The consequences of climate change—more intense hurricanes … Continue reading »

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