World Population Hits 7 Billion

For October 31, 2011

World Population Hits 7 Billion
Population Action International announces the interactive application What’s Your Numberand Oct. 31 release of Why Population Matters

(Washington, D.C.) On Monday, October 31st, the world will add its 7 billionth person. Population Action International (PAI) is marking the milestone with an online application and a new report that explore the dimensions of our world at 7 billion.

  • What’s Your Number?, an interactive online application, makes population personal. The app lets you enter your birth date to find out where you fall in the world’s 7 billion people, share your number on Facebook and Twitter and add yourself to a map of the world’s population. The app is already going viral and thousands have gotten and posted their numbers.
  • PAI is releasing a new 11-chapter publication called Why Population Matters that explains how population is connected to other development issues such as maternal health, poverty, security, climate change, and biodiversity. Embargoed copies are available to the media in advance of the 31st. Additionally, PAI released an issue brief earlier this year called 7 Billion and Counting.
  • PAI has three experts available to speak on the subject of 7 billion, what it means for our world, and what actions we can take. These include:
  • Suzanne Ehlers, President and CEO of PAI
  • Roger-Mark De Souza, who directs PAI’s Research and Climate Program
  • Craig Lasher, Director of U.S. Government Relations.


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