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Press Releases

June 30, 2014

An Abysmal Decision for Women’s Rights and For The United States’ Reputation Abroad

June 30, 2014   AN ABYSMAL DECISION FOR WOMEN’S RIGHTS AND FOR THE UNITED STATES’ REPUTATION ABROAD Statement from PAI President and CEO Suzanne Ehlers on Burwell vs. Hobby Lobby Today, in a blow to women’s health … Continue reading »
June 24, 2014

Amendment Finally Brings Justice to Peace Corps Volunteers Sexually Assaulted During Service

June 24, 2014   AMENDMENT FINALLY BRINGS JUSTICE TO PEACE CORPS VOLUNTEERS SEXUALLY ASSAULTED DURING SERVICE Statement by PAI President and CEO Suzanne Ehlers   Washington, DC— Today, the House Appropriations Committee adopted an amendment by Rep. … Continue reading »
May 6, 2014

The Peace Corps Equity Act is an Opportunity to Give Volunteers Life-Saving Federal Health Benefits They Deserve

May 6, 2014 PEACE CORPS EQUITY ACT IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO GIVE VOLUNTEERS LIFE-SAVING FEDERAL HEALTH BENEFITS THEY DESERVE Statement by PAI President and CEO Suzanne Ehlers Washington, DC—Today, Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY) and Sen. Jeanne Shaheen … Continue reading »
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From the Blog

July 21, 2014

The Other Half

Él es mi media naraja: “He is the other half to my orange.” During my Peace Corps service in El Salvador, many women would describe their husbands to me this way. It seemed like the perfect description for how men … Continue Reading

July 21, 2014

PAI Joins Leadership of Influential Alliance on Gender and Climate Change

Advocacy is about the long haul. It’s about relationship building and networking. It’s about building powerful and unsuspecting alliances and strengthening our collective voice.  And the “wins” from those efforts take shape in many ways. PAI is proud to announce … Continue Reading

July 18, 2014

What We’re Reading: The Rise of DIY Abortion in Texas

With the recent Supreme Court decision allowing Hobby Lobby to refuse to cover contraceptives, and state legislators all over the country slowly stripping away access to abortion rights, women in this country seem to be entering a new, dangerous era. … Continue Reading

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In the News

Jul 11, 2014

Sex in the City: As Cities Grow, Are We Forgetting the Urban Poor?

Today, 3.9 billion of us live in cities. That’s more than half the world’s population. By 2050, two-thirds of us will live in urban areas. Today is World Population Day, and this week the United Nations Population Division released the … Continue reading »

Jul 2, 2014

Republican family values put women’s lives in danger worldwide

Last week, a committee in the US House of Representatives approved a spending bill that would slash funding for international family planning and reimpose a harmful policy that reduces contraceptive access and tramples on the rights of healthcare providers. On … Continue reading »

May 1, 2014

Why They Care: Reproductive Health Champions Spotlight Personal Connections To Development, Environment, More

“Saving the planet depends on women achieving full human rights, and that begins with reproductive rights,” writes the Natural Resources Defense Council’s Frances Beinecke in a new set of essays on reproductive health published by the United Nations Foundation and the Aspen … Continue reading »