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More should be done on early marriages

November 24, 2014

The latest case in which a village headman, alert residents and police blocked a wedding ceremony for two teenagers in Petauke district, Eastern Province, made very sad reading indeed. It is a chilling indicator that despite the massive sensitisation that has … Continue reading »

When ‘Sinning’ Becomes a Virtue

November 24, 2014

Maria (not real name), a member of the Johane Marange Apostolic Church, has a secret. The secret excites the 35-year-old so much and she now wants other women to know. She has gone against her church beliefs and been taking … Continue reading »

$1 Birth Control Is on the Way

November 24, 2014

A new contraceptive method that costs just $1 means women all over the world now have more options in planning the number and spacing of their children. Under a new agreement between the Gates Foundation, the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, and the Children’s … Continue reading »

Here’s What Happens When $1 Birth Control Is Distributed In Developing Countries

November 24, 2014

One-dollar birth control is on the way to help women around the globe plan their families — and save their lives. The new contraceptive method, which will be available to women in 69 of the poorest countries in the world, consists of a … Continue reading »

Between a Woman and Her Doctor is No Place for U.S. Policy

September 8, 2014

You’ve probably heard of this summer’s Supreme Court decision in Burwell vs. Hobby Lobby that let employers pick and choose what birth control methods they would cover, inserting themselves in a key decision between a woman and her doctor. Many … Continue reading »

Helms Amendment Blocks Aid to African Women

August 14, 2014

This week, the White House hosted a summit of African leaders focused on “Investing in the Next Generation.” The summit was the latest in a series of steps by the Obama Administration to strengthen ties to Africa and discuss new … Continue reading »

A Harsh Climate for Women

August 1, 2014

Experts have been issuing warnings for years about the impact of climate change. Just this week, the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced that last month was the hottest June on record. Yet even with some increasing recognition of … Continue reading »

Sex in the City: As Cities Grow, Are We Forgetting the Urban Poor?

July 11, 2014

Today, 3.9 billion of us live in cities. That’s more than half the world’s population. By 2050, two-thirds of us will live in urban areas. Today is World Population Day, and this week the United Nations Population Division released the … Continue reading »

Republican family values put women’s lives in danger worldwide

July 2, 2014

Last week, a committee in the US House of Representatives approved a spending bill that would slash funding for international family planning and reimpose a harmful policy that reduces contraceptive access and tramples on the rights of healthcare providers. On … Continue reading »

Why They Care: Reproductive Health Champions Spotlight Personal Connections To Development, Environment, More

May 1, 2014

“Saving the planet depends on women achieving full human rights, and that begins with reproductive rights,” writes the Natural Resources Defense Council’s Frances Beinecke in a new set of essays on reproductive health published by the United Nations Foundation and the Aspen … Continue reading »