Advocacy Guides


The 11 Step Guide to Ensuring Public-Sector Contraceptive Financing and Expenditure

March 4, 2014

This guide contains lessons learned from practice experience tracking contraceptives financing in Uganda and Tanzania. The 11-step guide is a ‘living document,’ which can be further refined in-country, but sets out practical steps for policymakers, civil society and other stakeholders … Continue reading »


Empty Shelves, Empty Hands Advocacy Guide

November 6, 2013

Despite dramatic improvements in family planning and sexual and reproductive health across Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), persistent socioeconomic disparities demand that governments address weak policy frameworks, legal and regulatory barriers, and an inconsistent range of contraceptive methods. In … Continue reading »


In One Place Advocacy Guide

July 19, 2012

Integration means offering family planning/ reproductive health and HIV services together at the same time and in the same facility. It is a client-centered, rights-based approach that improves lives for women and youth living with and at risk of HIV. Continue reading »


Review of Polling on Family Planning

October 26, 2011

The November election took a toll on U.S. Congressional support for international family planning but PAI’s research shows that the new members are deeply out of touch with American voters. PAI conducted an election-night poll which found the majority of … Continue reading »


Weathering Change Advocacy Guide

September 22, 2011

Weathering Change documents how family planning, girls’ education, sustainable agriculture and environmental conservation are part of the solution. As the world’s population hits 7 billion in 2011, the film calls for expanding access to contraception and empowering women to help … Continue reading »


Population and Environment: Where We’re Headed and What We Can Do

May 20, 2011

Many environmental problems will be easier to address if world population peaks at 8 billion rather than 11 billion. The good news: there is already a global consensus on how to slow population growth, with programs that improve human well-being … Continue reading »


Eight Facts About the Global Gag Rule

February 11, 2011

Ever since the Global Gag Rule (also known as the Mexico City Policy) was first introduced in 1984, conservative U.S. politicians have used abortion politics in the U.S. to block access to contraceptives for women in developing countries. Over and … Continue reading »


What You Need to Know About PEPFAR and the Global Health Initiative

July 22, 2010

Described as the foundation upon which the Global Health Initiative (GHI) rests, the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) is undergoing significant change. HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment remain the focus of PEPFAR, yet the GHI mandates that PEPFAR—along … Continue reading »


Young People’s Initiative Documentary Screening Guide

July 1, 2010

Why Host a Youth Screening of a PAI Documentary? Documentary films are a powerful advocacy and education tool that put a human face on global challenges around family planning and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, the environment,and gender norms. Screening PAI documentaries … Continue reading »


Empty Handed Advocacy Guide

June 7, 2010

Empty Handed tells the story of women’s lack of access to reproductive health supplies in sub-Saharan Africa, and its impact on their lives. Continue reading »