Message From Our President – 2012

2012 Annual Report

Dear Friend,

Let’s talk about success.

As PAI nears its 50th year in business, we are already looking ahead to the change we will make in our next 50 years. Thanks to your support, partnership, and engagement, PAI can harness the gains of the past to ensure success in the years ahead.

What does that success look like?

For us, it’s a woman who has accessible, affordable, effective contraception and is empowered to plan her family and her future. Reproductive freedom lies at the heart of human dignity, and when a woman has autonomy over her body and life, communities, families, countries, and the planet thrive.

She is the protagonist of our common story, and she drives every aspect of our programs.

Can a woman access the health care she needs without traveling untold distances, waiting in long lines, and paying fees that are simply beyond her means? Is the service she receives at a clinic of high quality? Can she talk with a provider in private, and is there follow-up available to her to have a method removed (like an IUD), or to switch between methods? If the woman is young and unmarried, can she receive the care she needs without discrimination, and with full protection and promotion of her rights?

We know that we can best tackle these challenges when we see the world through her eyes. And we work every day to share her perspective and vision at the highest levels of government—making her case one person, one lawmaker and one community at a time. We work with key advocates and champions, we bring resources to the people that need them, we push back on preconceived notions and deeply embedded societal norms, and we are dogged in our belief that family planning tools are life-changing for women across the globe.

And while we are proud of our impact, we know there is tremendous work ahead. Reproductive rights are increasingly under attack on our own shores, and more than 200 million women in developing countries still don’t have the contraception they need to space and limit their pregnancies. Our mission is more urgent than ever.

We’re pursuing that mission through an ambitious 10-year vision encapsulated in a new strategic plan and our unique perspective, which brings together research, advocacy and local partnerships to make a lasting difference for women and their families.

We trust our strategy and theory of change as we have seen its power. We know that when we work with local partners, build on what they know and leverage our talents and perspectives to great effect, extraordinary change is possible.

And we know you are with us, and will be a partner in every step of the journey.

Thank you,

The Honorable Harriet C. Babbitt, J.D.

Chair, Board of Directors




Suzanne Ehlers

President and CEO