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Donor Spotlight: Jacqui and Jeff Morby on Why They Invest in PAI

Jacqui and Jeff Morby on a PAI study Tour to Mexico in 2008, where they visited family planning clinics, met with Mexican advocates, and saw the impact of PAI's work in action.

For nearly a decade, PAI has benefited from the support of Jacqui and Jeff Morby. As a former chair of PAI’s board of directors, Jacqui in particular has worked to further PAI’s mission. Here, Jacqui – a Senior Advisor and former Managing Director at TA Associates, a prominent private equity firm – reflects on her experience with PAI.

When people ask me how I decide to invest in a company in my professional life, I say that the company must have a market, and be unique in some clear and compelling way.  If I take that philosophy and apply it to my philanthropic investments, PAI is a strong stand-out.  PAI’s market is evident – there are over 215 million around the world who want access to modern contraception right now and don’t have it.  Those women are ultimately the customer, and PAI keeps them at the center of its strategies every single day.  As for being unique – with its extraordinary network of partners and policymakers, its small-grants strategy, its ability to operate complex projects while maintaining flexibility, and its commitment to women and families, PAI occupies a singular niche.

We are proud of our investments in PAI, and would encourage you to join us in supporting this outstanding organization.