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Family planning improves maternal health, reduces unintended pregnancies and abortions, prevents the spread of HIV/AIDS, and promotes responsible development and environmental sustainability. Around the world, 222 million women want to prevent pregnancy but need contraception. Meeting women's needs for family planning and maternal and child health care would prevent 54 million unintended pregnancies each year, resulting in 26 million fewer abortions and 79,000 fewer maternal deaths.

PAI works to secure greater support for international family planning and reproductive health programs. We track funding targets, document contraceptive shortages, and work with partners in developing countries to strengthen advocacy for their programs at home.



Setting the Agenda: Why Women are Key to Post-2015 Development

June 7, 2013

“This will not work,” Latha responded, much to our surprise. “They will know,” she explained, “and they will demand them. They will beat us if we resist. We can hide our rupees throughout the house, or in the folds of … Continue reading »

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Dollars and Sense: The Case for Contraception

June 5, 2013

Dollars and Sense, a new film by PAI, explains the economic case for contraception. Right now, around the world, more than 222 million women want something they can’t get: they all want access to modern contraceptives.   Fortunately, countries and … Continue reading »


Infographic: The Dollars and Sense of Family Planning

June 5, 2013

Believe it or not, Americans spend more than $1 billion annually on potato chips. And while Ruffles may be delicious, this is arguably not the smartest way to spend our money. If we spent that same $1 billion on family … Continue reading »


Lessons in Love, from Women Deliver and My 5-Year-Old

May 31, 2013

My older daughter wants to marry her sister. I suggested she can marry a girl if she chooses, but her sister may be someone she wishes to keep as a dear friend only. If she marries her best girlfriend, Alex, … Continue reading »


A Girls’ Bathroom, A Basic Right

May 30, 2013

When I was a teenager, I wasn’t an ideal student. My girlfriends and I would often skip class—especially gym—and sneak off to the bathroom.  We would eat snacks, play with makeup and talk about boys, celebrities, or any number of … Continue reading »


She’s Too Tired to Push. That’s Why We Must.

May 29, 2013

She forgot how to push after 22 children. The other woman had given birth 16 times and 4 of her children had died. I am sitting in the audience at Women Deliver 2013, and I wept as these stories were … Continue reading »


New World Bank Report: Better Reproductive Health = Better World

May 28, 2013

The World Bank just released Closing the Deadly Gap Between What We Know and What We Do: Investing In Women’s Reproductive Health (shown above) for Women Deliver.  Its basic message is that investments in reproductive health are essential for development. In … Continue reading »


From Miami to Peru: Taking Action for Women’s Health Everywhere

May 24, 2013

Earlier this week, Population Action International hosted an event — “Stories from Peru: Reproductive Health in Latin America” — in Coral Gables, FL.  Senator Gwen Margolis (Democrat, FL-35) opened the evening by linking the issues that women face in developing countries to … Continue reading »


On Earth Day, Breaking the Silence in Bangladesh

April 22, 2013

“Superstorms like Sandy face us everyday… we must break the silence.” Those are the words of a PAI partner in Bangladesh, a country that faces the highest risk of flooding in the world. One-third of the country floods every year … Continue reading »


Family Planning Can Level the Playing Field for Women Everywhere

April 18, 2013

This post was originally a guest column for Women Deliver.  Like many Americans, I just completed the annual ritual of filing my taxes. In the process, I noticed, as some of you might have, the box asking whether I wanted … Continue reading »