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More than 350,000 women die every year in pregnancy or childbirth – the majority of them in developing countries. Pregnancy is the leading cause of death for women aged 15 to 19 worldwide, primarily due to complications of childbirth and unsafe abortion.

Universal access to family planning could prevent one-third of maternal deaths, while also allowing women to space or delay their pregnancies. Research shows mothers who wait three to five years before having another child have a lower risk of complications such as pre-eclampsia and hemorrhage and deliver healthier babies. PAI supports family planning as an effective strategy to improve maternal health, and advocates for increased access to life-saving reproductive and maternal health supplies.


Data & Maps

These Three Cheap Drugs Can Save Moms’ Lives

May 8, 2014

In our first #MomsMatter infographic, we told you we have a problem. A big one. Every two minutes, 800 mothers die in pregnancy of childbirth, and almost all these deaths take place in the developing world. Three cheap drugs could … Continue reading »

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Do You Believe #MomsMatter?

May 5, 2014

There’s good news and there’s bad news. The bad news is that a woman dies every two minutes from pregnancy or child birth. The good news is that the medication that can save these women’s lives is less than $1 … Continue reading »


Syria’s Expectant Mothers Face Dual Perils of Bombs and Birth

June 20, 2013

Imagine what it would be like to live in a city under siege. Now imagine that you are just weeks, or even days, away from giving birth. Do you remain where you are, knowing that when the time comes you … Continue reading »


She’s Too Tired to Push. That’s Why We Must.

May 29, 2013

She forgot how to push after 22 children. The other woman had given birth 16 times and 4 of her children had died. I am sitting in the audience at Women Deliver 2013, and I wept as these stories were … Continue reading »


New World Bank Report: Better Reproductive Health = Better World

May 28, 2013

The World Bank just released Closing the Deadly Gap Between What We Know and What We Do: Investing In Women’s Reproductive Health (shown above) for Women Deliver.  Its basic message is that investments in reproductive health are essential for development. In … Continue reading »


Keeping the Focus on Women and Girls

June 29, 2012

As part of PAI’s work on maternal and reproductive health supplies, PAI staff participated in a meeting of the Resource Mobilization and Awareness Working Group (RMAWG) of the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition (RHSC) in Brussels. Roughly half of the participants … Continue reading »


Bringing Up Baby

May 11, 2012

I’m not one for platitudes. That’s why the onslaught of promotional emails for Mother’s Day is irritating me. Sure, send flowers as a token of your love and appreciation. Splurge on a spa package for that hard-working wife of yours … Continue reading »

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Consensus on Contraception

April 4, 2012

Despite the recent battles over contraception, polling data shows that Americans of every stripe support maternal and reproductive healthcare for all women. Continue reading »

Policy Brief

Why Population Matters to Maternal Health

February 16, 2012

The State of Maternal Health Maternal mortality is a top cause of death among women of reproductive age in developing countries. Approximately 350,000 women die each year due to pregnancy-related causes, despite recent improvements and international commitments to reducing maternal … Continue reading »



TIPSHEET November 2011

November 8, 2011

Welcome to the second edition of TIPSHEET, a quarterly newsletter of The Integration Partnership, a project of Population Action International. The TIPSHEET will provide regular insight into the work of The Integration Partnership (TIP), including showcasing some of our partners and … Continue reading »