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PAI’s Climate Change Initiative is an ambitious multi-year program of research, advocacy, and strategic communications designed to bring our experience and expertise to the critical and complex relationships among population, gender, and climate change. This work strengthens understanding of the influence of population on greenhouse gas emissions, demonstrates how demographic variables relate to climate change vulnerability, and expands the concept of climate change resilience by highlighting critical gender, fertility, and reproductive health dimensions.

PAI has joined with multiple collaborators, including the the Joint Global Change Research Institute and the National Center for Atmospheric Research, in a multi-disciplinary effort including the following program areas:

Population and the IPCC: Examining and clarifying population assumptions in the reports and scenarios developed by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the leading climate science body whose work forms the basis of most climate-related policy

Mapping Vulnerabilities to Climate Change: Developing interactive mapping tools that illustrate relationships among projected climate change impacts, demographic trends, reproductive health needs, and other socioeconomic factors related to climate change vulnerability

Strengthening Understanding of Climate Change Resilience: Conducting country case studies that explore resilience and climate change coping strategies, including to the role of women and reproductive health/family planning

Analyzing Climate Change and the MDGs: Deepening understanding of the links among climate change impacts, population and demographic variables, and prospects for achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)


Data & Maps

Mapping Population & Climate Change Hotspots

July 19, 2013


Why We Need a Global Approach to Combat Climate Change

July 5, 2013

Last Tuesday, President Barack Obama laid out his administration’s long-awaited plan to escalate domestic and international efforts to address climate change. It highlighted the need to cut carbon pollution, prepare the United States to adapt to existing impacts of climate … Continue reading »


Men, Machines and Climate Change…Where Are the Women?

June 6, 2013

The heat down here is unbearable, not because of global warming, but as a result of the fast spinning shafts that drive turbines to generate hydroelectric power. The massive engines use the high-pressure water before releasing it to flow downstream, … Continue reading »


Memo to Climate Donors: Invest in Family Planning

May 21, 2013

I’m in Tarrytown, NY, at the annual strategic retreat of the Green Group CEOs. A fitting location from which to send this memo: To: All progressive climate donors interested in exponentially advancing the cause From: Suzanne Ehlers, President & CEO, … Continue reading »


Climate Change is No Joke

May 10, 2013

At PAI, we talk a lot about the intersections between population, climate change and women. We talk about the women who have to walk farther for water and firewood, and those whose homes and families were destroyed by natural disasters. … Continue reading »


Playing for Keeps: How Games Can Help Us Tackle Climate Change Challenges

May 3, 2013

A. Tianna with partners from Eminence, PRAN, and HumanityWatch. Climate change is not a game. In Bangladesh, communities are already facing its consequences daily, and women are disproportionately affected. But last week in Dhaka, Bangladesh—alongside nearly 300 policymakers, scientists, and … Continue reading »


Learning from Kenya and Malawi on Climate Change

April 9, 2013

PAI senior researcher Clive Mutunga presented at the Wilson Center yesterday on a panel on  “Population Dynamics, Climate Change, and Sustainable Development in Sub-Saharan Africa: Lessons from Kenya and Malawi.” “Demographic trends and reproductive health are likely to affect the … Continue reading »

Press Release

PAI applauds selection of Gabriel Jaramillo as head of Global Fund

January 25, 2012

PAI applauds the decision of the Global Fund for AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria’s Board of Directors to appoint Mr. Gabriel Jaramillo as the Fund’s Managing Director. Continue reading »

Press Release

Weathering Change honored at 32nd Annual Global Media Awards

January 12, 2012

Why Population Matters, a new publication, explains how population is connected to other development issues such as maternal health, poverty, security and climate change. Continue reading »


Stemming population growth is a cheap way to limit climate change

October 31, 2011

There’s no one way to suddenly cut carbon emissions, but better family planning where it’s most needed is a cost-effective start.

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