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Around the world, more than 222 million women want to prevent pregnancy but need contraception. Often, these women must travel far from their communities to reach a health facility, only to return home empty-handed due to stock-outs. When women seeking family planning services are turned away, they are unable to protect themselves from unintended pregnancies and sexually-transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS.

Despite an increased demand for reproductive health supplies, donor support is fading, and many national governments have not prioritized ensuring access. Limited human resources, weak transportation and outdated inventory systems all lead to major delays in delivery to local facilities, sometimes causing supplies to sit in storage while clinics experience severe shortages.

PAI has been a leader on the issue of reproductive health supplies advocacy, co-sponsoring a 2001 meeting in Istanbul that brought together government representatives from donor and developing countries to seek solutions to the supply crisis. PAI continues to work to increase financial and political support for reproductive health supplies and coordinate national, regional, and global advocacy.



A Measure of the Future: Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Risk Index for the Pacific

December 7, 2009

  Based on the original PAI report Measure of Survival: A Measure of Survival – Calculating Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Risk The last two decades have seen a significant improvement in the sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) of Pacific Island women. … Continue reading »


Policy Brief

Why Family Planning and Reproductive Health are Critical to the Well-Being of Youth

October 23, 2009

An unprecedented number of young people are entering their reproductive years, most of whom live in the developing world. U.S. policy makers should assist in effort to ensure that youth worldwide are able to make informed decisions about their sexuality … Continue reading »



Hope in Dialogue: Thoughts on the 5th Asia and Pacific Conference

October 20, 2009

by Suzanne Ehlers The 5th Asia and Pacific Conference on Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights (APCRSHR) is currently underway in Beijing, China. Today, I am moderating a session co-hosted by the Asia Pacific Alliance (APA) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The … Continue reading »


Don’t Mess Around in Texas

October 5, 2009

Originally posted on feministing. When I graduated from high school in San Antonio, Texas, I can remember at least two dozen girls (out of a class of 600) pregnant or already with babies. It may seem astonishing now, but it … Continue reading »


A Measure of Commitment: Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Risk Index for Sub-Saharan Africa

September 2, 2009

Centre for the Study of Adolescence Population Action International In 2008 the number of African women who died from pregnancy and child birth was much higher than the number of casualties from all the major conflicts in Africa combined. Maternal … Continue reading »



As International Youth Day Looms, Youth in Western Countries Need to Take Control of Their SRHR, too

August 12, 2009

Kirana Bammarito is PAI’s Communications Intern. She is a recent graduate of American University. August 12 will mark the tenth International Youth Day as commemorated by the United Nations. In the United States, youth triumphs and tragedies alike have occurred … Continue reading »


Reproductive Health Supplies in Six Countries

June 3, 2009

By Elizabeth Leahy with Esther Akitobi, Nel Druce, Karen Hardee, Carlos Manuel Indacochea, Joana Nerquaye-Tetteh, Leslie Patykewich and Carolyn Gibb Vogel Reproductive Health Supplies in Six Countries: Themes and Entry Points in Policies, Systems and Funding, identifies the challenges faced … Continue reading »



Pakistan’s Daunting–and Deteriorating–Demographic Challenge

April 30, 2009

First published in The New Security Beat Every day it seems the headlines bring new worries about the future of Pakistan. But among the many challenges confronting the nation–including a growing Taliban insurgency–one significant problem remains largely undiscussed: its rapidly … Continue reading »


US Government Renews Commitment to Cairo; Increases Funding for ICPD

April 8, 2009

by Suzanna Dennis & Susan Anderson Writing from the United Nations “I am honored to be here today to express the renewed and deep commitment of the United States Government to the goals and aspirations of the ICPD Program of … Continue reading »


Future Prospects for the Youth in Uganda

March 11, 2009

I have just concluded a nine day visit to Uganda to research the connections between population dynamics and development. This connection has been made by PAI and others on the global level but we have yet to discern how this … Continue reading »