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Family Planning Should Be A Priority

In this Empty Handed extra, Mary, a midwife in Uganda, talks about the embarrassment and hardship women in her community face when they can’t get the contraceptives they need. Continue reading »

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How Many People are in the World Today?

PAI takes to the street to find out just how much people know about world population. Could you guess how many people there are in the world today? Continue reading »

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Empty Handed: Responding to the Demand for Contraceptives

Empty Handed tells the story of women’s lack of access to reproductive health supplies in sub-Saharan Africa, and its impact on their lives. The film documents the challenges at each level of the supply chain and identifies key areas for improvement. Empty Handed aims to provoke discussion and mobilize support for reproductive health supplies. Continue reading »

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The Silent Partner: HIV in Marriage

The Silent Partner: HIV in Marriage examines the risk of HIV within marriage and the particular challenges facing married women. Conventional HIV prevention strategies do not meet the needs of married women who cannot practice abstinence, cannot control the faithfulness of their husbands, and find it difficult to negotiate condom use. Continue reading »

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Abstaining from Reality: U.S. Restrictions on HIV Prevention

Filmed in Kenya and Uganda, this short documentary provides a snapshot of the Bush administration’s abstinence-only approach to HIV prevention as part of its global HIV/AIDS assistance. Abstaining from Reality examines how these ideologically-driven programs are actually endangering the lives of the people they’re supposed to be protecting. Continue reading »

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Finding Balance – Forests and Family Planning in Madagascar

This award-winning documentary journeys to the edge of a rapidly disappearing world in Madagascar, where population growth continues to fuel the cycle of poverty and deforestation. Continue reading »

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Access Denied: U.S. Family Planning Restrictions in Zambia

This seven-minute video was produced by Population Action International to document the effects of the Global Gag Rule on reproductive health programs in Zambia, one of Africa’s poorest countries. Continue reading »

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