The Honorable John H. Gibbons, Ph.D

Jack Gibbons, schooled in physics (Ph.D. Duke, 1954), conducted experiments for 15 years (mostly at Oak Ridge) in nuclear structure, with emphasis on neutron capture reactions key to understanding nucleosynthesis of heavy elements inside stars.  His growing interest in energy resource conservation and the environment led to his undertaking work on technologies for increased efficiency, throughout the system of providing energy services.

He was the first Director of the U.S. Office of Energy Conservation (1973-1974) and led related studies at the National Academies and the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment (OTA).  He directed the OTA (1979-1992) and then moved to the White House as Assistant to the President for Science and Technology (Science Advisor to the President).

Since leaving government in April 1998, he has served as a Karl Compton Lecturer at MIT (1998-1999), Senior Fellow at the National Academy of Engineering (1999-2000), and President of Sigma Xi (2000-2001). He serves on a number of Boards and Committees in both the public and private sectors. He is former Chairman of the Board of Population Action International.  He has received numerous national and international awards and is author of about 100 publications, including This Gifted Age: Science and Technology at the Millennium. Additionally, in early 2008 Dr. Gibbons was appointed to Virginia Governor Timothy Kaine’s Commission on Climate Change.